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About StillSound

Ideated in 2012 and established in 2016, StillSound Records & Ghostwriting & StillSound Records Inc. is a solid team of artists dedicated to songwriting excellence, music production, and artist management. We invest in artists of all backgrounds and measures of talent. We value an unparalleled work ethic, collaboration, and sense of agency when creating art. Our passion comes from a true sense of unconditional love for art and music alike. A multifaceted company that values the talent, ingenuity, and bliss that can only be received from "a job well done".

Our slogan: "It's easy because it's already done."

We are dedicated to ideation of music, publishing, copywriting songwriting, song production, and photography/videography. Over the years our team has networked with various companies realizing that growth comes from unhinging the ideas that we were once hindered by. In 2021, SSR Inc. has grown to branding, licensing, marketing, and non-profit sectors as a powerhouse.

Our goal at StillSound Records is to uplift all artistic sources to their highest potential while highlighting Black/Afro-centric culture and education through various artistic outlets.

Our team has experience working with communities and children sharing art education and leadership as our passion. Showing that you can fulfill many roles in entertainment, media, and public speaking. We offer alongside our industry professionality a service to our schools, art institutions, and non-profits to educate our youth to be the leaders of the future. We offer Poetry Composition, Arts & Culture, and Music Theory courses for after school activities for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.

Think Tank

We are adapting to COVID-19 regulations and offer remote options for both public and private clients.

StillSound Records is not just the classic "music label" but rather a multi-faceted organization that conducts interdisciplinary research with the objective of providing advice on a diverse range of policy issues and products through the use of specialized knowledge and the activation of networks.

  • Social Justice & Inalienable Rights Initiatives

  • Marketing & E-Commerce

  • Writing

  • Community Engagement

As an organization; parallel as an society we are growing rapidly as is the demand for unconventional thinkers, creatives, innovators, and motivators is rising. StillSound Records works both domestically and internationally to broker collaborative opportunities, grow professional skillsets, further industries, and evolving public policy respectively. Perspective through our community and client's lens is apart of our team's ability to cater to relatable aspects of your applicable industry.

Working in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, private clientele, non-partisan/bipartisan parties solely for the development of local, national, and international socioeconomic modes of: change, planning, and policy.

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Stillwear (SSR Merchandise) and apparel is a booming brand that has grown far beyond music. It represents freedom of expression in an age of digital repression, socioeconomic stress, and changing tides on fronts of civility. StillSound's Stillwear is exactly that, timeless. Apparel and merchandise that can be shared, worn, and passed down for generations to come with the surety of free expression, confidence, and still worn with love encumbered. Our cultural apparel and merchandise is creative, innovative, and exhilaratingly bold in its statement.

With over 4,000 products, designs, and merchandise there is no limit to the possibilities. With new local and international artists' designs featured monthly there is something for everyone! As our social climate changes SSR recognizes a need for communal spirit and unity; our company donates a percentage of social justice proceeds to community organizations and collectives. Checkout our store below!

The Maverick

The Maverick born Mikal Muhammad in Chicago, Illinois has shared a vision of empowering the creatives far and wide of all genres, outlets, and backgrounds.

"Our staple and focus here at StillSound is growth and positive change with no limits to the amount of lives we can affect for the better." - The Maverick

With a myriad of experiences and background in poetry composition, songwriting, and logistics. With the ability to see through many lenses, Mav specializes in Hip Hop, R&B, Country, & Pop songwriting. Co-production of Electric Dance & Indie Music. With various music education from Betty Shabazz Academy and the best institutions around the Chicagoland area, the StillSound Team can be essential to success for any project.

The Maverick started StillSound Records and Ghostwriting in 2016 based in Denver, Colorado after deciding to pursue music relentlessly from a passion for freestyle hip-hop and performance arts. Telling tales of love, faith, pursuit of truth, and providing for the people around you.

Our company strives for excellence and prosperity amongst all working to do better. Our team is dedicated to being the best and providing an unparalleled service to our clients and partners.

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Submit respectively, regarding general inquiries, project information, event bookings, and non-partisan/bi-partisan requests to our Customer Service Team and we will correspond within 72 hours at our earliest convenience.

PR & Media inquiries, Ad-affiliate & Marketing Outreach, and partnerships for Charities/Non-profit Organizations should submit requests to our Press Team below.